Magdaleno Pena

Is he way much older than Plinky Recto? Kasi by looking at General Jarque, some think that Magdaleno Peña must be as old as the general. Nagpi-Plates din kaya siya? O pilipit lang talaga expertise niya?
Madami kaya siyang connections talaga? He seems to have come from a landed elite family in the Visayas.


38 thoughts on “Magdaleno Pena

  1. He passed the bar sometime 1983 + or -. So he must be 47 something by now. At least not as old as General Jarque. But he must have the right connections for having so much power.

  2. sino nga ba siya? masyado siyang maimpluwensiya at nagbalik sa pagbubundok si Jarque. Ano bang meron siya? ….picture nga niya pls! tingnan nga namin para ng sa gayon kapag nakabunguan namin sa mall e makilala naman namin.

  3. picture…picture please! is he really that powerfull? IS HE??? he’s tryin’ to pissed me off…stick the photo of that silly old sausage….please…..

  4. people lets not judge first , we do not know who this guy really is , because just somebody whose been a figure in the media complains that she was mal treated by her EX BF wouldn’t mean that she is perfectly nice or good. lets just leave it to the court or whoever the judge is , we do hope for another
    round of trial and this time the judge must be carefully picked, let us pray for them , for plinky and also for her exbf , may the LORD enlighten their heart and mind to speak out the truth and not lies and deceit ; so that justice may
    stand between them.

  5. this guy is really powerful. Just ask Gen Jarque or even new Supreme Court Chief Justice Panganiban. Nakakuha ng katapat ang mga Recto that even Ate Vi could not do anything. Poor Plinky, but she should have thought first what she was going into when she agreed to the relationship. By having a quick court order and a having the CIDG get his son, he must really have a good case as this contrary to the Fanily Code or he is really that influential.

  6. For sure for those whos telling the truth, it will came out and for who is lying and responsilbe of not doing good theres may katapat yon!!!!!!
    God will reveal everything on his time, lets wait and see

  7. For sure for those whos telling the truth, it will came out and for who is lying and responsilbe of not doing good theres may katapat yon!!!!!!
    God will reveal everything on his time, lets wait and see na lang and of course pray for the right custody for the child…

  8. It is not only the Media he has influence. The Politicians, Judges, and even the Church does not dare to meddle in his affairs. Even if the NPA has numerous death treaths, they could not touch him. He is your typical rich haciendero who can have his way.

  9. Plinky would not come out with such courage and determination if the accussations she’s hurling at him don’t have sound basis. we should shift the burden of proof on the guy and not plinky. after all she’s the one who has been abused and is now being continually tormented ber her ex-BF

  10. Ang mga Pena, kung walang bodyguard takot iyan sobra pa sa daga. Kailangan mawala na sila dyan sa Negros..Bullshit and mga Pena especially sa PULUPANDAN……

  11. If this ATTY. Magdaleno Peña is a real MAN he should face the camera infront of his face. Don’t say that YOU ( PEÑA) have the power, influence, and money to mobilized the silence of MEDIA….. KUNO na para sa kaTOTOHAN walang kinikilingan na laging banggit ng mga NETWORK but why? even this two BIG TV network are very silent to mention his name ask ko lang? Nabusalan narin ba ang mga eto…Why this network are so SCARED to mention his name…eventually not only in MEDIA ang nabusalan nitong si PEÑA where the HONORABLBE Politician na sumasakay pag may ganitong USAPIN….. WERE BLESS at nandyan ang GABRIELA who gaves full support in the case Miss Plinky Recto…. well a message for you girl ( miss Plinky) just pray to the GOD that this MAN who gaves you trouble in your life especially your child who’s most affected with this situation that THIS PEÑA magliwanag na ang kanyang UTAK… naku MR. PEÑA galit si LORD sa mga taong ganyan NAGWAWASAK ng FAMILIA at BUHAY like what you did to GENERAL JARQUE…. MR. PEÑA INFIERNO ang bagsak mo nyan BAKA di ka pa tanggapin………………………………To Miss Plinky fight for your child and we know GOD ALMIGHTY is IN YOU……………………..

  12. I see myself in Plinky.Ialso filed a case against the father of my kids who’s a lawyer too.To retaliate he filed numerous cases against me.Its ironic because he has the support of my family especially my 2 sisters because of personal interests.When TPO was granted to me I got only my youngest.I havent seen my 2 kids for 9 mos already.A warrant of arrest was issued in Sept.8 w/c is still standing for failure to surrender my 2 kids to me.His petition at Court of Appeals was denied.At present he filed an administrative case against the judge Of Imus RTC.Hes the provincial director of MIMAROPA napolcom with an Awol status.

  13. i dont know know anything about you pena, nor your clan. maybe i was too young then when the jarque issue hit negros. all i know is jarque joined the npa’s and i dont know the reason. one thing for sure now, your so influential that the media cant say your name. why???? whats behind that name? or should i say whats behind magdaleno pena? if you are innocent, then came out and face the music you’ve made. dont hide behind your body guards, they cant protect you in the eyes of God. they will be as useless as they’re balls. come out with the truth and defend your families name. your ancestors deserves more than this tainting in they’re names. you should b the 1 to protect the names of pena, not destroyed it as you are doing now. be a man enough to come out. you can never hide from the truth nor with God. may He blesses your soul and the souls of your hudlum bodyguards. may you rest in peace

  14. Its media and Gabriela we should ask why they cant name or show Pena’s picture in public. They have thrown even the kitchen sink at GMA at the slightest hint and now they are so mum about the identitity of this woman basher??????? HOW MUCH? should be the question to media and Gabriela. They even say that it was GMA who caused the South Leyte mudslide but here in this case they cannot even show the picture of Pena?Just because he is with the opposition does not mean he is above everyone.

  15. i have seen this guy pena long time ago inside his heavily guarded compound in negros. i think he’s just a very short guy & im wandering why plinky accepted him as her lover. anyway they’re still equal when it comes to bed. whoa!

  16. I think this issue of “Very Influencial Person” in the Philippines
    should be eliminated and if there’s really justice amongst the NPA’s or Abu sayaff’s they should just eliminate these people in the face of our mother earth because they’re the suckers and devils and they’re just plain Bastards. Many of them like this person Magdaleno Pena, hindi na dapat na magtagal pa ang buhay mo sa mundong eto o kung tatagal ka pa dapat gumapang ka sa lupang ito na parang ahas pati anh buong angkan mo walanghiya ka. Ang kapal ng mukha mo pati na pamilya mo. Kung talagang lalaki ka magpakita ka sa media para naman ang madland people ay mamukhaan ka kahit maduraan ka man lang sa mukha at ilampaso at lamunin mo ang mga dumi sa imburnal dahil yan ang kapareho mo ng baho, animal ka, bastos, hudas. mabuhay ka sana ng matagal pero tubuan ka sana ng cancer sa lalamunan para tuluyan kang hindi makapagslita at makakain o makalunok man lang. Yan ang nararapat na parusa sa yo. Porke’t alam mong hawak niyo ang court pero betond that stupid justice system in the Philippines there’s more power up there monitoring your uncoward acts. Go to hellllllllllll.

  17. magdaleno pena…magsie for short. his a smart lawyer who will fight against injustice and oppression when it comes to family. He help assist his old grandmother recover her property back when a notice of foreclosure was served The grandmother was literally piss off when she discovered that her grandchildren the younger brother of her property without her consent and didnt pay the loan. The grandmother didnt even recieved a single cent and worst she was never given any money from the rentals of the farm and fishpond.

    It was in the early 90’s that he took over the grandmother property from his younger brothers who had more influence, power and guns.

    it was a clash between brothers and blood. It was between family… it was a family affair that Gen. Jarque shouldnt have dip his sticky finger in and everyting is history.

    There was a TRO with the court but Jarque insisted to go against the due process.. so what happen to him is history…

  18. this recto family…sila yun may sira sa ulo…. there was one incident that the father of plinky recto had an arguement with his wife…can you imagin what happen next…. Our Honorable Senator Ralph Recto… got the head of his father and bang it on the wall…..what was worst was the dad was on a wheelchair… susmariosep…what a family..

  19. bat ngayon ko lang nakita to?

    well, andrew ferrer was ryt..

    im from pulupandan, a town in negros, our town’s mayor currently is attorney magdaleno “magsie” peña..

    magsie s serving as well and i have nothing bad to say bout him..

    regarding those body guards, i guess its his prerogative..
    kaw ba naman magkaroon ng maraming threats?

    he was just elected the previous election and after winning against the mondia’s he was ambushed, get wounded but survived..

    all i know know is, the child right now is in his custody..

  20. Magsie is a schizophrenic whose soul is as black as the moonless night. I grew up in their hacienda and he’s way too old. Sira ulo na maraming goons pero duwag. Hari ng mga demonyo ni Satanas iyang taong yan.
    Ang masakit ang ating bayang Pilipinas ay patay ang hustisya.Lahat ng luluklok na presidente sa sunod ay walang kapangyarihan laban sa kanya. May araw ding haharap siya sa bagsik ng paghihiganti ng lahat ng kanyang inapi na sa ngyon ay walang kakayanang lumaban. Magsie… alalahanin mo ang mga Seminio nung araw. Akala mo wala nang katapusan yang kademonyohan mo. May Diyos and mundo. HUNGHANG!!!!!!

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