Marky Cielo: Mula Butuan hanggang Sinto

Marky Cielo is the only StarStruck suvivor who represents the widest spread of influence and hence, deserves your support to the end. He finished grade school in Butuan City (Mindanao), finished high school in Bugias, Benguet and stayed with his grandmother in Sinto, Bauko, Mountain Province at the same time (Cordillera — Luzon), started college in Baguio, auditioned in Dagupan and from thereon solidified the North again. From Metro Manila and even the Visayas, he is gathering fandom. It’s in the talent. And the personality that’s just so down to earth.


66 thoughts on “Marky Cielo: Mula Butuan hanggang Sinto

  1. we’re so proud of marky cielo!!!…we’ll support you all the way…itayo mo ang bandila ng mga igorot…our great works and abilities should be recognized…wishin’ you all the best…kablaawan da ka ti Apo…

  2. Sya lang may talent among them. totoo lng. he’s cute and all that. If all igorot men are like that, sana igorot n lng lahat ng tao sa mudo

  3. haiyee……aw…igorotak met ..pada ta marky…

    im proud that one igorot again invade showbiz…and it deserves to be…
    because of his many talents….

    palagi kaming nanunuod ng starstruck para lang makita ka namin..
    ang sayang makita and 1ng katukad namin sa tv…..luv u marky….humayo. ka……..

    sana ill meet u in person……….kaw na ang magwawagi…hehe……

  4. ang cute ni marky, lalo na pag sumasayaw sya and tumatawa!!!!!!! sana mameet ko sya…

    manalo sana sya sa starstruck!!!!!!

    GO MARKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Kahit saan pa siya nanggaling I’ll support him . I’m from Pampanga but my bet is Marky Cielo. He is multi-talented at napakalakas ng charisma. Sa drama puwedeng-puwede siya. Napakagaling ng kanyang facial expression. Puwede rin siyang action star dahil maganda ang built ng kanyang katawan at complexion -pang international appeal. Puwede rin siya sa love story dahil napakaguwapo niya at ang mga mata niya napakacute. Magaling din siyang kumanta at sumayaw…. ano pa ba ang hahanapin mo?

  6. galing ni marky….igorot ako,igorot tayo!!!!!!!!!!!
    im proud of him kc he’s the only igorot who was able to make it and im sure 100% pasok na xa sa final 4…mas mgand pa kung xa na yung soul survivor…dvah

  7. I know you can do it! We are praying that you will be the soul survivor. Sapay koma ta han nga agbaliw ti attitude mo. Always stay humble even if you are at the top. My son Marky is also excited of your performace.

  8. nbasa q na nga pla ung latest blog mo MARKY you’re the greatest of them all lam u ba me and the rest of my schoolmates and classmates is voting and supporting u and lam nman nmin na ikaw na tlaga ang magiging SS3 Ultimate Sole Survivor no doubt kc ikaw ang pinakamagaling at pinakamaraming telent above them all and ur also DOWN 2 EARTH so always do ur best, win the competition and make them all PROUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. its really normal that igorots are talented db? all of us were not given the opportunity to show to the world how talented we are. kaya pagbutihin mo pa. show em’ that IGOROTS ay hindi “ni-LA-LANG”

    keep up the good work. many of your fellow igorots are on your side. IGOROT tako, proud to be….

  10. hi marky, though wala kng abs still maganda rin naman body mo eh pero yun na nga you need to gain some abs okay?? mag-exercise kng mabuti ha pero wag yung sobra kac PANGIT YUNG SOBRANG LAKI ANG KATAWAN. always………….jam

  11. Hello Marky!! Ipakitam a nalaing ti Igorot! At hindi ni la-lang. We are all support for you. Igorot din ako but from the Ibaloi. Do your best! Hwag kang patatalo.

  12. marky, you’ve got a million fans out there expectin’ too much from you… but don’t discount the fact that there are more people watchin’ your every move… tryin’ to figure out how to let you down… but don’t let ’em… just move on… show ’em what you’ve got… don’t let us down! go for it! wave the igorot flag up high! wish you all the blessings and the luck!

  13. hi….did u also know that mark won 2nd runner up during the mr. college of engineering and architecture in saint louis university?.. that was september or october 2005 i think….xmpre, i was there…hehe…really talented and smart…one more thing…he’s the editorial cartoonist of our school organ way back in san isidro…really cool!!!

  14. Go MARKY!!!!! You Rock!!!! I am so impress na ipinakita mo ang lahat and YOU prove them wrong!!! Galing MO!!! God Bless and Keep up the Good Tremendous Work…”,)

  15. hEllO….nuNg nAlAmaN kOh nA maY tgA siNtO sA SS, laGi kOh Ng iNabAngan Un Pwamiz…kC gUstO koH maLamaN kUng cNu…infaIrviEw, prAng nKitA kTa oNce…wEll, paGkakAtaOn nGa nMan….ummmm…wEll,am So pRouD nA suM1 haD rePreseNted oUr pLacE…wEll. kNow wAt? i reAllY waNa meEt u iN pErsoN…plSS….pUnta Kah sA 2006 fiEsta Ng sInto….thaTs aLL….guDlucK sA lhaT ng cHallEngeS…yngatS din…sBi nga nLa AJA(go)….wabyah…….

  16. gawis san ikkam marky. Es-estem ta ipaelam ay palaban din ang mga TOROGI. WE LOVE U MARKY,WISH YOU ALL THE BEST. GODBLESSYOU! Remain humble!
    with love,
    Ruth’s Eatery,km6La trinidad

  17. YAHOOO Marky!!!!!!!!!!!
    you are the BEST
    IGorots may K din.

  18. MABUHAY KA MARKY!!!!!!!!kya lng ako nanonood ng starstruck ay because of u Marky….kya nga hapi ako ng ikaw ung i vote nila pra s soul survivor…wish ko lng ikaw nga manalo…..sna ndi k magbgo…..kip up d good work……

  19. well…well…well..welll…am so proud of you marky…jaz do ur best…the whole igorot tribe are here to support you…and hope ul not change…always keep ur feet on the ground…godspeed…

  20. ok ka talaga! you’re manifesting the typical igorot value and attitude. di mayabang gaya ng iba dyan na akala mo, its their right to win the contest! Pray God will bless you more.

  21. Halu Marky! I’m a friend of your dad.
    It was very overwhelming and warming to read all those unending support of people from Butuan to Sinto, from the North to South Philippines sweepingly winning also from those of the Visayas and Central Luzon. Indeed you made a bang! It doesn’t surprise me, you are a made winner! You’re oozing with wisdom and it guided you through. Your intelligence defines your smartness and humility plus your ex-factor, your talents and skills. I agree with the majority, you are simply irresistible, a hunk a burning yum. I’ve watched you during your SM tour here in Baguio and I could’nt help but to thank your dad. You made a difference, to quote you, DREAM, BELIEVE, SURVIVE! You really LINKED TO INSPIRE and with that I can say, Marky, you really made a NATIONWIDE INVASION!

    Thank you Marky! You inspired me deeply. No amount of print or broadcast media was able to break that misconnotations and boo boo’s towards the Igorots. You were able to stand straight in turbulent bridge and shouted, I AM AN IGOROT! You really made it, young man, you’re a history maker, MARKY, THE FIRST IGOROT WHO MADE IT TO STARDOM! God Bless You! Remain a calm water always!

  22. Hello!!!!!!!!!!
    I am from baguio. we wish that you won’t forget the people who support you and don”t change your atitude…………….
    supsuportaan sik-a sin amin ay aramidem……….Not only me but all of us from the city of pines.GOD BLESS YOU HOPING YOU WILL BE THE soul survivor.

  23. HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wE ARE very proud of you .you have already proven that
    your worthy in your place right now…….all we have to say is to stay humble and cute also always pray.


  25. I am an Igorot

    I am an Igorot
    And I am proud to be one.
    I will talk about my culture with pride,
    I will wear my G-string,
    Sing our songs,
    Dance with the gongs,
    And speak our tongue…
    Not just to entertain,
    But to educate the ignorant.
    I will not be ashamed.

    I am an igorot
    Let me be treated as I deserve…
    With respect if I am good,
    With contempt if I am no good,
    Irrespective of the name I carry.

    Let the term, Igorot, remain.
    And the world will use it
    With the correct meaning attached to it.

    I am an Igorot!!!

  26. hi? muzta n poh?
    bat ang cute mo?
    alam u b n crush n crush kita, sana nga ikaw ang manalo sa starstruck……..? SANA Mag MEET naman tau…….
    taga Laguna lang naman me……………
    mayroon din akong kamag-anak sa baguio!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love u poh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ingat poh u lagi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    mahal n mahal kita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. pakasal n tau!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    patay n patay me sau!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sana makita naman kita in person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love u ulit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    kulit me noh???????????????????????

  28. Marky!!!! you did it!!! im so proud of you!!!! its all for you co’z you are deserving to that title……hope hindi lumaki ang ulo mo…….still what people see to you stay for what you are!!!! GoD Bless and more power to your new world………….

    Frankie of laguna

  29. Elow!!! gud luck s iyo MArky!!!! Stay humble and dont forget your kailyans!!!! always thank God for every blessings count….

  30. helo!!!!!!!!!!!!
    alam mo skol mate tayo noon sa urios college grade skol
    klasmyt ako ng sister na si marcel…………
    how’s her pala ??????
    u know…crush kita noon sa dance floor.
    alam mo isa ako sa kasamo sa interpretative dance noong grade skol …………hehehehehe
    if ever na ma read mo’ to batiin mo naman kami
    specially meeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!heehhehhehe
    sana sulatan mo ako sa email ko!!!!!!!!
    i will wait of ur reply or even txt me naman kung meron kapang time her is my number 09068666824 wait ko sa yong txt ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    regards to mga kapuso ha specially mark herras nd richard guiteriez.take care always and love you……..muahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  31. hi!!!!!!!!!!musta na u????????
    its me again roxie from butuan ur kababayan….
    alam mo lagi ka naming pinag uusapan ni marvin suson
    classmate ko kasi siya at lagi ka niyang ipinagmamalaki
    sa akin sa ibang tao at lagi ka naming binoboto.
    Coz i will always suport u lalo na si iwa moto kasi may
    cousin siya dito sa butuan at kapitbahay ko ang pinsan niya
    regards nalang to her ha!!!!!!!!!!
    ingatzzzzz u always…………
    can u be my friends in my friendster?????????
    this is my email
    add mo ko ha…………..
    maghihintay ako……….


    take care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    god bless u always

  32. hi papa marky!
    lam m0e crush n crush kita!!
    pe0 pag sumayaw k n,,,umm…
    mAHAL N KTA!!…ajijiji
    ang wafu2 m0e!!

  33. hello people u know i guess mark is some kind of a gay thing!!!!hehehe actually his so maarte…gosh!!!!i dont like him…sorry guys but i dont like him to win the starstruck…well ur asking my opinion then im just giving u wat i am thinking based on the things that i have observed from that show… peace!!!

  34. bye nakigulo lang pow…wala kasi magawa…keep up the good work mark…ur the best..butuanon kasi ako..para maiba naman at first negative ung comments ko so now be happy……peace..i dont even know u,,,,..hehehe

  35. hi musta na.. kahit anong sabihin nila marky, para sa akin ikaw pa rin ang pinaka the best .. inggit lang ang mga naninira !! Basta give your best in everything you do and isipin mo lang dami na inspire sa iyo kasi kahit di ka galing sa angkan ng mga artista ang galing galing mo at mabait pa . I saw you twice sa mall tour at di ako nagkamali sa paghanga sa iyo, mabait ka in person at kahit pagod na the best pa rin sumayaw at makisalamuha sa fans, at talagang lakas ng appeal. Take care and god bless you and your family .

  36. naks marky mayat et san pabuyam ya kayman atleast ka pay nakadwam si robin sin tell i meet you! man action star ka lawa di drama aw! mas bag bagay gamen di igorot di i ka2dwa tako ya

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