January StarStruck searches at Yahoo

‘Marky Cielo’ is the most searched StarStruck term for January 2006 at Yahoo if you exclude ‘iwamoto’ (includes other searches that are StarStruck related). ‘Jackie Rice’ and ‘Chuck Allie’ are so far behind.

* Searches at Yahoo does not necessarily correlate with the upcoming star’s (+) popularity and voters’ choice.

From Overture / Yahoo Keyword Searches
(selected keywords only)

Searches done in January 2006
Count Search Term

1225 cielo marky
144 cielo marky starstruck
88 cielo marky picture
55 cielo igorot marky
40 autobiography cielo marky
25 cielo marky topless

485 jackie rice
133 jackie rice starstruck
56 jerry and jackie rice
32 jackie myspace.com rice site
30 jackie nude rice
28 image jackie rice
27 jackie rice starstruck nationwide invasion

442 allie chuck
94 allie chuck starstruck
30 allie chuck photo

371 ouano vivo

252 bugz daigo

234 carlos gian
65 carlos gian starstruck

225 nakpil rea

219 arci munoz

206 jana roxas
49 jana picture roxas
32 jana roxas starstruck

87 iwa moto pic
69 iwa moto picture
64 iwa moto starstruck
45 iwa moto profile
41 iwa moto

1317 iwamoto
100 iwamoto starstruck
79 aileen iwamoto
30 iwamoto scott architecture
26 iwamoto pic


5 thoughts on “January StarStruck searches at Yahoo

  1. hi po si ferd po to pambato ng roxas city…. ask ko lang po kung sino yung nakapasok sa audition last september 16 and september 17 sa iloilo? hheheh ingat po ang GOD BLESS… dito po sa roxas City # 1 ang kapuso!!!!!!!!!

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