Smart Wifi with a minor difference.

Starting Oct 15 nationwide

The New PLDT DSL-W (wireless)
An external antenna mounted on your roof, wall , or water tank will be installed
One Thousand Pesos Install fee – pay at business center

Is this the same as Meridian or Smart Wifi?

Yes and No.

PLDT DSL-W uses the same facilities but different because it has 3 kinds of Plans/Bandwidth speed. And the bill is included in your PLDT phone bill (unlike Meridian and Smart Wifi)

PLDT DSL-W clients can avail of ID DSL which enables IDD users to call abroad for as low as 0.08 US cents per minute Smart wifi can not

3 initial Residential DSL-W Plans (1 year lock-in period)
Plan 999 256kbps 999 pesos
Plan1995 512kbps 1995pesos
Plan3000 1mbps 3000pesos

256kbps for 988php
128kbps for 788php

Coming soon but only in Metro Manila, Cebu, and Davao wireless 3mbps

Who can Avail ?
POST PAID phone owners without DSL facilities in their area
Those without phones
Those with pre-paid phone lines TELESULIT

Those who do not have post paid line MUST PAY IN ADVANCE (pre-paid service)
You must Pay 1k for install fee PLUS the amount of your plan before your DSL-W will be installed

Those with POST PAID line will be charged installation fee together with their phone bill

Area Of Coverage ?

Metro Manila, Metro Davao, Metro Cebu

Service with speed up to 1mbps is also available in major provincial areas.

Smart WIFI php 788 for 128kbps
PLDT DSL-W 999 for 256kbps

How is it connected to your computer? Via LAN Port


Nationwide e-mail access, but Wi-Fi connection is available in 250 hotspots only. With the minimum monthly subscription of P2,850, I’d rather you use your mobile connection for access during the times there is no plug-it-in internet nearby.


3 thoughts on “PLDT WiFi / PLDT DSL-W

  1. Hello,

    I would like to ask if this is available in our location which is Taytay, Rizal Palmera 4? I am planning to get the Plan 999 256kbps 999 Php since I have trouble using my dial-up connection (the PLDT line is always been stolen in our village). Please also send me the computer requirements on how I can run the WiFi successfully in my computer. Am I assured that I will be getting the connection speed I am paying for? Please reply to me asap. 🙂



  2. Hi there,

    Same area budz! wala pa ata PLDT DSL line dito sa location natin, Im using Digitel DSL plan 999 for 256/96 Kbps….this connection sucks, my connection speeds up to 100-104Kbps with the download speed of 6-13KB/s 2xfaster than a dial up damn!!! so i dont recommend DSL Digitel…meron na sa bandang melendres subdivision PLDT DSL gamit ng isang kakilala ko.

    Requirements for WiFi: a Pentium 3/4 or AMD processor with Windows XP Operating System, one slot of Ethernet port (Lan Card) or maybe your motherboard includes a built in LAN port, i dunno but some wifi’s using USB port, u have to include that also. Thats all the standard using WiFi, if u avail a DSL wifi(Smart) maybe they include some bundled softwares(wifi software/driver) for those who subscribe it.

    Try searching for more info about Wi-fi, napadaan lang ako peste kasi tong DSL ko bagal.Im a Gamer and i play a lot of online games..LAG Delays *sigh but rarely disconnects at a time. New PC na gamit ko wala nmn problema but on their lines,pag mag PLDT DSL madalas pa naman manakawan linya ng PLDT dito baka malugi ka..better to avail SmartBro Dsl than PLDT DSL, but………. meron ba malapit smart cell site sa location natin sabagay bundok naman tayo, good transmission of signals without interferences dapat for a good connection of wifi, nasa bayan pa mga cell site ata. Ask around on our area baka meron na mga Smart subscribers dyan, homeboy kasi ako lagi sa loob ng bahay hahaha.

    Well thanks, just givin a little hint for you
    Palmera4 buz,St.John

  3. am using smart bro. plan 988, so far, matagal na akong walang problema sa connection ko. Based on internet speedometer speed, ive always register a 200kbs speed. on my downloading, average of 44kbs. I can use the yahoo messenger or skype on my video calling with my bro. and sis and so far its running smoothly with a good quality of sounds.

    im planning to apply GLOBE VISIBILITY, i doubt na ang makukuha ko lang na speed sa lugar namin ay GPRS, its lucky if i can get an EDGE connection, an EDGE can quite satisfy my internet browsing, lucky if GLOBE upgrade all their cellsites to 3G.

    My PC to be used with GLOBE VISIBILITY was in JUBAN , SORSOGON, fullbar signal ng celphone ko inside the house sa globe with very clear audio.

    Tell u all if i’ll be activated this month.

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