The PLDT Phone + unlimited Vibe connection sucks. It’s almost impossible to connect. Where do I complain?


6 thoughts on “PLDT Vibe

  1. I don’t have much problem connecting. The problem is speed. You can get a connection that just opening your email can take 30 mins or more. I would usually try to reconnect just to get a better connection. Sometimes it works more often it does not work. Where do we complain?

  2. dati parang karo ng patay ang speed, ngayon natuluyan nang namatay…ilang weeks nang hindi makaconnect. sayang lang binabayaran. laging phone line is busy!punyeta. mga manloloko advertisements nyo. mga hinayupak!!!

  3. I usually connect at 44 k. Mahirap lang hanapin ang modem setting, may extra setting lang pala na kailangan for your modem

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